Flat embroidery machine series

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Product Details

Flat embroidery machine main fucntion:

Flat embroidery  (for example : Cut-parts, Curtain, Leather etc)

Head , Needle , Embroidery space could be done according to exact requirement.

Head quantity can be 1 to 50 heads.

Needle quantity can be 3 , 4, 6 , 9 , 12, 15 needles.

Embroidery space for X can be 100mm to 1200mm.

Embroidery space for Y can be 450mm to 1700mm.


Computer:   Dahao A18 model or A58 or A98

Control panel:    10-inch HD LCD touch screen panel.

Main motor:  Servo motor.

XY motor: Servo motor.

Rotary hook:  Japanese rotary hook 

Maximum speed: 1000rpm

Voltage:  110v/220v/380v , 50/60HZ.


Multi-Language: Chinese, English, Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, French,

           Thai, Korean, Polish, Italian, German etc.

Auto thread trimming, Auto thread broken detecting, Auto color change, Auto start, Auto                       lubricating part.

USB input and output design, suitable for design format DSB,DST etc, Memory capacity:

          Maximum 400 designs or 16 million stitches.

FEIYA unique self-made parts, single cam two driver, adjustable presser foot, screw color  

          change  device , soft mechanic operation and lower noise.

Centralized motor hook, centrailized motor trimming, integrated computer box greatly

         reduce failure rate.

Humanized design of computer interface, direct display of functional icons, easy to operate.


Auto bobbin winder device 1 set.

Free two model plastic frame.( available for cut-parts)

Standard accessories tool box 1 set

Border aluminum frame and flat table.

Machine parts list book and USB file with operate manual.

Aluminum poly bag or Wooden case package.

Opitional device:

Cording device     Sequin device     Beads device      Thermal cuttiming device     Eyelet device


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Telephone: 0086-13968661330

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