The 126th Canton Fair was successfully concluded

On Nov 4, the 126th Canton Fair was successfully concluded in Guangzhou. Xu Bing, Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson of the Canton Fair and Deputy Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, introduced the general situation of this session.

Buyer attendance of the top 20 countries and regions accounted for 60.56% of the total. The top 10 countries and regions in terms of buyer attendance are Hong Kong SAR, the United States, India, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan Province, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

107 out of the Top 250 Global Retailers in 2019 attended the Fair. Among them were 5 of the Top 10 retailers: Wal-Mart, Schwartz, Amazon, Walgreen and CVS Health.

Lidl in Germany, Lifetime Brands in America, Auchan Group in France, LOCK&LOCK in South Korea, TAURUS GROUP in Spain, KESKO GROUP in Finland, Kawan Lama Group in Indonesia and other international well-known chain enterprises continue to participate in the multinational sourcing activities.

Buyer attendance proportion in terms of industries is: electronics and household electrical appliances accounting for 40.71% of the total, daily consumer goods 31.93%, home decorations 28.34%, gifts 27.23%, and machinery 26.48%.

Xu said that the export transaction has maintained a stable level and the steps of high quality development of foreign trade are accelerated. The accumulated export transaction of this session totaled 207.09 billion RMB Yuan (or 29.288 billion US dollars), a decrease of 1.9% over the 124th session.

Machinery and electrical products contributed to the highest transaction of 15.941 billion USD, accounting for 54.43%; transaction volume of light industrial products stood at 7.22 billion USD, accounting for 24.65% of the total; textile and garment 1.683 billion USD, accounting for 5.75%.
The transaction volume of the private enterprises reached 22.164 billion USD, an increase of 0.28%, accounting for 75.67% of the total.

The transaction volume in brand zone reached 9.246 billion US dollars, accounting for 31.57% of the total.

The transaction with “Belt and Road” countries totaled 11.056 billion dollars, a year-on-year increase of 14.81%, accounting for 37.75% of the total.

Export volume to the BRICS countries arrived at 3.65 billion USD, an increase of 4.17%; export volume to ASEAN reached 3.435 billion dollars, an increase of 39.22%; export volume to Africa amounted to 2.813 billion US dollars, an increase of 10.72%.

In this session, we welcomed 813 exhibitors (accumulatively) from poor areas, covering 15 product categories and 45 sections; among these, 228 stands in the Traditional Chinese Specialty section covers 4,500 square kilometers, increased by 38 compared with the 125th session. There were 207 exhibitors from 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions participating in the Traditional Chinese Specialty section, an increase of 37 compared with that of the 125th session. Various specialties were exhibited at the Canton Fair, including food, men and women’s clothing, medicines, health products and medical equipment. We’ve successfully held the promotion event for Traditional Chinese Specialty section and built a platform for cooperation and networking of these exhibitors and buyers through display, runway show, taste tour and etc. 32 exhibitors from 18 trading delegations participated in the event. The transaction volume for the enterprises in poverty-stricken area has achieved stable growth, laying a solid foundation for winning the hard battle of poverty alleviation and boosting foreign trade development of poor areas.

Xu mentioned that in this session we’ve implemented Canton Fair Green Development Plan 2.0 comprehensively to consolidate our progress and improve the quality of green development, contributing Canton Fair’s wisdom to green development of China’s exhibition industry. Evaluation Guide of Green Booth has gained project approval from the National Standardization Administration and compiling of the standards advanced. We’ve held the Canton Fair “Green Space” show i.e. Canton Fair Green Awards Ceremony and awarded 88 winners of the 125 session. We’ve also initiated the selection of 126th Canton Fair Green Awards; 384 exhibitors have signed up for the competition. With the responsibility towards environmental protection of exhibitors and booth contractors enhanced, the amount of solid waste has been reduced, the environment of the Complex has been further improved, the safety of green booths improved and onsite display results enhanced, realizing a virtuous cycle of economic development and environmental protection.

Xu said that in this session we have strengthened our regulations on booth usage, dealt with 36 companies in violation of such regulations. By disqualifying exhibitors, deducting the number of general booths of the trading delegation that the violating exhibitor is in, disqualifying this trading delegation for being commended, and publishing the result of such punishment on Canton Fair News, we’ve maintained the quality and negotiating order of Canton Fair. We’ve also established the concept of secure development. According to the multi-pronged approach of security ensured by people, technology and objects, we’ve strengthened coordination of security forces of our own and those out-sourced, bettered many kinds of emergency precaution plans, implemented security measures, improved security related technology, established a comprehensive security and precaution system, and strived to guarantee security with stricter requirements, higher standards and more solid measures. This session was held smoothly and securely, with no incidents of criminal or public order cases, terrorist attack, fire, food poisoning, major epidemic, or traffic congestion. We created a secure and comfortable environment for customers from home and abroad to negotiate and achieve orders.